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GFCR REEF+ Community – Knowledge Exchange Sessions, Webinars & Events

Join a network of coral finance experts in collaborating and sharing knowledge through the Global Fund for Coral Reefs (GFCR) REEF+ Community of Practice. REEF+ provides up-to-date learning resources, opportunities, and events to support the GFCR community.

The GFCR REEF+ Webinar Series and Practitioner Discussions foster connection and knowledge exchange among the GFCR community of coral reef finance practitioners. Webinars are open to the public, featuring a window into GFCR’s programmes and a wealth of knowledge from global partners. Practitioner Discussions are spaces for Convening Agents and implementing partners to hold thematic discussions on designing and implementing the GFCR programmes.

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Blended Finance for Blue & Green Transition in SIDS – Showcasing Global Fund for Coral Reefs SolutionsIn-person event

Register Here | 30 May 2024, 08:00 ET, Room 8, 4th Conference of Small Island Developing States

With 52% of its portfolio in SIDS and LDCs, the Global Fund for Coral Reefs is pioneering innovative approaches to sustainable blue & green transition with an emphasis on scaling up and replicating successful ocean-positive solutions. This side event will showcase GFCR-supported ‘reef-positive solutions’ that include businesses and initiatives that have a positive impact on coral reef health while providing sustainable benefits for local communities. Panelists will share practical experience of their reef-positive solutions, discuss challenges and opportunities in building a bankable pipeline of projects, and show how government support through policy action is crucial for success.

GFCR Policies in Action – Gender, Risk, and SafeguardsPractitioner Discussion

Register Here | 5 June 2024, 03:00 EDT / 9:00 CEST (Asia Pacific) and 11:00 EDT / 17:00 CEST (Americas)

This Practitioner Discussion will provide a workshop with GFCR programmes on three key GFCR policies: Gender, Safeguards, and Risk Management. The session will serve as a platform for practitioners to discuss the the rationale, objectives, and applications of each policy. The session will also provide an overview of requirements for Convening Agents regarding each policy, including processes and key tools and resources you may require.

Blended Finance for Coral ReefsWebinar

Event Summary | 8 May 2024

In this webinar on blended finance for coral reefs, GFCR and Convergence will provide an overview of how blended finance can bolster coral reef conservation. The session will cover the challenges and opportunities of blended finance, including an in-depth case study of blended finance within GFCR’s programmes. Don’t miss this chance to dive deep into the diverse finance approaches within blended finance.

Investing in Reef-Positive BusinessesIn-person event

Event Summary | 16 April 2024

The event will spotlight businesses and initiatives that positively impact coral reef health while offering sustainable benefits to local communities. This session seeks to deliver insights from panelists across the Asia-Pacific, Caribbean, and Mesoamerican regions, offering invaluable lessons for Small Island Developing States and other coral nations. Discussion will span innovative blended finance models and sustainable finance strategies, underscoring the role of the GFCR Community of Practice in fostering a collaborative ecosystem for blue economy growth.

Introducing the GFCR M&E Platform: Getting Started with MERMAID Practitioner Discussion

Event Recording | Connect with an Expert | 4 April 2024

This practitioner discussion provided a refresher on the GFCR M&E Toolkit and introduced the GFCR M&E platform, MERMAID. Participants learned the current features of the MERMAID platform, upcoming tools to support GFCR M&E, and upcoming webinars, in-person trainings, and workshops for knowledge exchange and capacity building.

Investing in Blue: Mobilizing Finance for Coral Reef-Positive Businesses Practitioner Discussion

Event Recording | Connect with an Expert | 29 February 2024

This discussion on “Investing in Blue: Mobilizing Finance for Coral Reef-Positive Businesses” addressed the gap between existing investable opportunities and investor requirements, opening a discussion on strategies that GFCR practitioners could take to focus on the “missing middle” and accelerate the number of investor-ready opportunities. The recording features a presentation from Pegasus Capital Advisors.

Stepping up Investment in UNSECO World Heritage-listed Reefs Webinar

Event Recording | Connect with an Expert | 8 February 2024

In the first REEF+ Community of Practice webinar “Stepping up Investment in UNESCO World Heritage-listed Reefs,” the Global Fund for Coral Reefs (GFCR) and UNESCO shared insights into the current and possible applications of the partnership between the GFCR and UNESCO World Heritage. The webinar addressed how the UNESCO World Heritage Marine Programme supports World Heritage-listed reefs in developing countries and how to designate marine sites to the World Heritage list. A case study from Belize was featured as an example of how to leverage World Heritage status for conservation success.

Monitoring & Evaluation System Implementation – Practitioner Discussion

Event Recording | Connect with an Expert | 22 November 2023

This discussion prepared GFCR programmes to work with GFCR’s new monitoring & evaluation tools and served as a platform to discuss practitioners’ varied approaches to M&E. The session included a presentations from Wildlife Conservation Society on how the Fund will define its M&E Indicators, how practitioners can use the Toolkit, and what key takeaways GFCR practitioners have gained from how the programmes previously conducted M&E.

Identifying and Supporting Reef Positive Businesses – Practitioner Discussion

Event Recording | Connect with an Expert | 5 September 2023

The first GFCR REEF+ Practitioner Discussions on “Identifying and Supporting Reef Positive Businesses” unpacked opportunities and challenges encountered by GFCR practitioners when identifying and providing technical assistance to reef positive business models. As part of this, participants discussed best practices to identify reef-positive revenue-generating interventions, the role of Technical Assistance Facilities (TAF) in identifying and supporting reef-positive business models, major gaps in support or finance to target enterprises, and future pathways to share experience and knowledge. The two sessions featured presentations from MAR Fund, New Ventures, and Matanataki.

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